As we get older, we all start to notice that our bodies become more prone to certain maladies. Our dental health is no exception. That’s why it’s important to take proper care of your teeth & gums both daily & with regular visits to the dentist.

Keep Brushing & Flossing

You’ve spent a lifetime building up good dental habits, there’s no reason to stop now. Your teeth still need the same amount of care. Brushing, flossing & using mouthwash are all common-sense ways to maximize your teeth’s lifespan & prevent gum disease. Keeping a healthy mouth is also a great way to help prevent other medical issues, so those two short times with the toothbrush a day can save a lot of worry & expense later on.
Even if you have dentures or partial dentures, it’s a good idea to clean them much the same as you would keep your real teeth clean. When you received your dentures, your dentist should have provided you with detailed cleaning instructions based on whether your dentures were removable or permanent. Even though dentures don’t decay, they can wear down & food residue caught too long in them can cause bad breath & even infections.

Keep Visiting Your Dentist

It may be that you’ve had the same dentist for decades. Or you might have just bought your dream home in sunny climes. No matter where you are in life, though, it’s important to have a regular dentist to get routine exams & cleanings from. Your dentist will also be able to look at your history & keep a close eye on certain risk factors. Many dentists can perform oral cancer screenings & provide other early detection so you get ahead of any possible issues.
We may also need more restorative work done as we age, but recent advances in dentistry have made many procedures take far less time & are relatively pain free. Talk to your dentist about work like crowns & fillings you may need. You might discover there are more options available to you than you thought.

Don’t Let Cost Get in the Way

Dentists offer a wide array of options to make dentistry affordable for all their patients. Many provide their own coverage plans in-house for uninsured people. There are also many options for assistance & programs tailored specifically to help seniors get the care they need at an affordable price. The front desk at your local dentist should be able to walk you through your options to make sure you pay as little as possible.

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